Finding Furniture Stores in Utah

How to find furniture stores in Utah? We know many people prefer IKEA when it comes to buying furniture. It is the common place where many people come to buy furniture for their home at affordable price. And we don’t have to go through hassle just to go to a furniture store. But your area does not always have IKEA or close to that store. Maybe if you live in the central of Utah, there is IKEA. But, how about the other areas in Utah? Or maybe you just don’t want to go to that furniture stores in Utah. Here is our recommendation for furniture stores in Utah besides IKEA.


The Best Furniture Stores in Utah

1. Estate Sales

To get the cheap furniture in Utah, you can go to Estate Sales since it is one of the cheap furniture stores in Utah. You can find everything from classic to contemporary furniture there. This place is the best to get midcentury and classic furniture since the price is way cheaper than in an antique dealer. You can check their items at their official website. This will make things easier since you don’t have to walk around the store because it is so huge. And there are times when Estate Sales having big discounts! You need to arrive earlier and buy furniture that you want at that discount day!


2. Habitat ReStore

This store is also one of best furniture stores in Utah to get a cheaper price. Moreover, this store sells new and used furniture too. They also have appliances and building materials as well. You can find used items which are still in very good condition (because it turns out to be never-used items) and they are high-end items with cheap price! You can fins sofa, couch, table, vanity, and more.

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3. Goodwill

Goodwill is one of the furniture stores in Utah that is also big thrift store chains that you can find in Utah. The store has donated items that you can buy. Because it is a thrift. The price is super-duper cheap!


4. Salvation Army

There are two furniture stores in Utah which have very, very cheap price. And those are a thrift store. Besides Goodwill, Salvation Army is also the place where you can buy furniture at a very cheap price. You can find yourself a great bookshelf and the price is just a price of a movie ticket! This is a very great deal!


5. Local Thrift Store

If you live in the countryside of Utah, you can go to other furniture stores in Utah that sell used items too. There will be local thrift store in your area. You can go to church or community and sometimes there will be a bazaar in your local area. This is less convenient than going to thrift stores such as Goodwill and Salvation Army, but the price at the local thrift store or bazaar will be cheaper. Moreover, the chance of you finding high-quality furniture there is higher than at the chains. You need to get to know the volunteers in these furniture stores in Utah so you can get best items with the best price.

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Tips to Shop in Furniture Stores in Utah

1. Know the material

For example, you want to buy wood furniture in furniture stores in Utah, you need to know the material first. There are 3 categories of wood furniture which are solid wood, composite wood (composite wood), and veneers. Solid wood is a type of wood furniture that tends to be more expensive among other types. But this type looks great. The downside of this type is that it is vulnerable to water rings and scratches. Furniture stores in Utah that sold composite wood usually made from a combination of wood pulp, resin, and plastics. Those materials are the scraps of the furniture world. Composite wood is also the cheapest woof furniture and they look decent. The downside of this type is that it won’t last long. As for veneers, it is inexpensive wood furniture that covered by several thin layers to have better-quality of wood. You can choose this if you can afford solid wood furniture in furniture stores in Utah.


2. Check cabinets and drawers

Whenever you are in furniture stores in Utah, you need to check both the cabinets and the drawers. This is to ensure you that the drawer can be pulled all the way out and you can shut them evenly. This is also a good way to know whether the items furniture stores in Utah can latches properly or not. As for the cabinet, try to open and shut the door for several times. Check the knobs and handles as well. Those things should fit tightly and nor turn.

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3. Consider your lifestyle

You can find many items for a different style in furniture stores in Utah. You need to let your lifestyle choose what fabric and colors that you want for your furniture. Furniture stores in Utah offer many designs so your choice will be there also. For example, if you like simple thing or you like the neutral color, you can go for furniture in contemporary design because this design is simple, aesthetic, and neutral.


4. Choose the colors

Furniture stores in Utah also offer many types of furniture in different colors. We recommend you to buy furniture in neutral colors because those colors never go wrong. You can mix them with other colors later. The furniture that has neutral colors tends to last for a long time because you can decorate and adjust them to any color.


5. Check the legs

The last tips to shop in furniture stores in Utah are to check the legs of the furniture. The legs should make of solid materials. And the join is framed well, not nailed. It’s better to buy furniture with wood legs because if you want to buy furniture in metal, rubber, and plastic, they tend to tear up the floors. Moreover, those materials won’t hold up very well too.


There are several furniture stores in Utah where you can get cheap price. Don’t forget to apply our tips too whenever you shop for furniture!

Furniture Stores In Utah
Furniture Stores In Utah

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