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Home isn’t really home without great furniture to welcome family and friends. At SACS Furniture, we offer a wide selection of dining room furniture sets or you can mix-and-match dining pieces to create your own unique set. Click the image to shop online, or come into our Salt Lake City furniture showroom Monday through Friday.

Shop Dining Room Furniture Sets in Utah

Dining Set - Dining Room Furniture in Utah

Whether you’re looking for formal dining or casual bistro style, modern flair or rustic comfort, we have what you need. Most dining room sets include five to nine pieces and are offered in many colors and finishes. Your friends and family deserve the best, and the quality and construction of our furniture are top-notch. Even if you aren’t sure – yet – exactly what you are looking for to complement your home, our selection, and knowledgeable staff ensure you will find the perfect fit at the right price. Shop Dining Sets.

Shop Dining Tables in Utah

Dining Tables - Dining Room Furniture in Utah

Will your table typically host large groups or intimate meals for two? Second, know your space. Remember that family and friends will need to move around the table and be seated comfortably. A functional space will include about 50 inches from the edge of the table to the wall. So, measure your dining or kitchen nook area and bring those measurements with you. Tip: If you have a smaller space but host large groups occasionally, look for expanding tables that offer greater flexibility. Shop Dining Tables.

Shop Dining Chairs in Utah

Dining Chairs - Dining Room Furniture in Utah

Chairs come in so many finishes and styles that they play a large role in setting the tone in your home. At SACS Furniture we offer all wood, mid-century metallic, leather upholstery, and much more. So, know your style, but don’t lose sight of practicality. Consider how often your chairs will be used and by whom. Upholstery will show wear and tear (and pet hair!) more quickly, while wood may not offer the comfort needed for long dinner parties. Tip: Often enjoy red wine with meals? Consider avoiding light-colored open weaves, or invest in good fabric protection. Shop Dining Chairs.

Shop Kitchen Counter and Bar Stools in Utah

Bar Stools - Dining Room Furniture in Utah

If you are looking for seating to complement your kitchen island or bar area, SACS Furniture has what you need! Selecting bar or island stools is similar to purchasing chairs: Consider your style when choosing from our wide array of finishes and colors. Consider use (wear, pet hair, etc.) when browsing our diverse upholstery, wood, and metallic options. Finally, consider height. The ideal stool height is a seat that is 10-13” shorter than the top of your island or bar counter. Shop Dining Stools.

Shop Servers, Buffets, and Cabinets in Utah

Buffets and Servers - Dining Room Furniture in Utah

Your dining space may not be complete without a beautiful and functional sideboard, hutch and/or buffet. These pieces offer much-needed storage as well as an added sense of drama to your dining experience. At SACS Furniture, we offer many dining furniture options to best suit your dining set and surrounding home décor. The quality of construction and hardware ensure you can host with pride. Shop Buffets and Dining Servers.

Shop Counter Height Dining Sets

counter height dining tablesConsidering the size of your space, your style preferences and who will be using the table should all be taken into account when choosing a new dining set. Counter height dining sets work great in an open floor plan by complimenting kitchen counter heights and will blend well with a casual concept. When shopping for your new counter height dining set make sure your selection will be comfortable for everyone in your home, be sure to test the chairs or stools – they should be easy to get in and out of, especially for children. Keep in mind that there should be 9″ – 13″ between the underside of the table to the top of the chair seat with about 24″ spacing between each chair around the table.

Visit Our Dining Room Furniture Show Room for the Best Service & Delivery

At SACS Furniture, we offer the best of both worlds: The variety and selection of a national brand, AND the service and quality you would expect from locally-owned. We offer Salt Lake City’s highest quality furniture at the best prices. We offer FREE white-glove delivery service in Utah at no extra charge. This includes delivery of your purchases to your home and placement in your dining space. Our delivery team will unpack and set-up your furniture, and remove any packing materials. You won’t know the team has been there – except that you’ll have your beautiful new SACS Furniture to enjoy for years to come!

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