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if you are like most people, you probably experience a large portion of your daily home life inside of your living room. It is a place that serves many functions: to relax after a long day, to gather as a family to play games or watch a movie, or to have guests over to socialize, to name a few. Because your living room is such an important part of your home, you should make sure your living room furniture accommodates your lifestyle comfortably and attractively.

Whether your living room is primarily a place to spend time with family, to relax and watch TV, or to host guests, SACS Furniture has you covered. We offer an excellent selection of modern, elegant, vintage, and contemporary living room furniture in a variety of different sizes, colors, designs, and fabrics. We offer great deals and a huge selection.

Visit our Salt Lake City showroom Monday through Friday to find furniture that fits your needs and has they style to match your personal preferences. Click the images below to shop living room furniture online!

Entertainment centers and media towers

Entertainment Centers - Living Room Furniture in Salt Lake City - SACS FurnitureSACS Furniture offers a variety of entertainment centers and media towers that can help your living room to be an enjoyable and relaxing place. If you have a lot of electronic equipment to keep organized, our larger media centers have shelves and cabinets that can functionally hold all of your stuff. We also have plenty of smaller television stands, bookshelves, and media towers that that can fit your needs without taking up too much space.


Sectional Couches

Coffee Tables - Living Room Furniture in Salt Lake City - SACS FurnitureSectional couches are great for entertaining guests, or for laying down on when you just want to rest or unwind. SACS Furniture offers a number of different sizes and designs that can fit any size living room. Some also have features such as reclining seats or an attached chaise.





Sofas - Living Room Furniture in Salt Lake City - SACS FurnitureAnother option is the sofa. We have a number of soft, comfortable sofas in different colors and fabrics. Adding a high-quality sofa to our living room can make it look great and give you a reliable place to relax. Check out our selection at our showroom.





Ottomans - Living Room Furniture in Salt Lake City - SACS FurnitureThese pieces of furniture not only look great in a living room, but they can be exceptionally comforting to put your feet up on after a long day. Multiple people can rest their feet on an oversized ottoman at the same time. For some bonus functionality, consider our storage ottomans that have usable storage space inside.




Coffee Tables

Sectional Couches - Living Room Furniture in Salt Lake City - SACS FurnitureA coffee table is a place to set down drinks, store reading material and remotes, and have decorations presented. For most living rooms, it is an essential piece of furniture. We have attractive wood and glass top tables. To provide consistent ambience to a living room, some come with matching sets of end tables.

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